Forever and a day

raku frame1
I finished this raku frame just in time for the ArtaRoundTown annual art show this past weekend. It was a long time in the planning and then all the steps through the firing. Ron had agreed to help me build a raku kiln here at home this spring but that did not happen. Fortunately my wonderful friends Wayne,Sylvia and Sue made this unique method of outdoor firing possible – all the way up north near Haliburton. Assembly of the pieces was a learning experience and then the actual transporting and hanging of the piece was an even bigger challenge since I realized that it could not be picked up by the edges. Then some great minds came to the rescue – Mike and Kent – with the amazing suggestion to use window installer suction cups and yes they knew a friend that had the tools. So next Jon with his suction cups performed the miracles – getting it up and down off of the wall for the show . I have to, admit I did hold my breath but all is well and now the only thing left to do is get it installed above the sofa in our den.
I sure look forward to building a kiln close by next spring.