Arizona 2012

RA mosaic

Last fall I was anxious to get back to our new house in Maricopa, Arizona to continue decorating and add some work of my own.  I took along some supplies which included glass that had been replaced at our church.  The colours are mellow and warm and seemed appropriate.  I had a very definite design in mind but when I got there and started this project I struggled with my plan and somehow I just had to do something more angular which seemed to fit the location.   Luckily I discovered a great art community in Casa Grande not far away and a super stained glass store where I could get more supplies.   When I did these pieces I ground most of the edges which was very time consuming but very satisfying visually and to the touch.  I have a wonderful neighbour who will make me a frame within hours of when I ask him.  Here’s hoping I get to do another one there this winter.

‘Driven’ homage to Vincent Van Gogh

Early in the new year I found out that our artaroundtown art group back home in Exeter would be accepting work into an ‘open’ category for the spring show and so I got busy planning a new piece.  This was a little more ambitious than I thought it would be but my new stained glass friend at the shop in Casa Grande was very helpful in helping me build my collection of starry night like colours. 100_8492I made some interesting discoveries when doing mosaics in Arizona.  It is so dry there the water in the grout evaporates so quickly it has to be done more than once and early in the morning before the sun comes out full tilt.   After this big project I didn’t think I would want to do it again but already I have some new ideas that I can not wait to start.   And a footnote – this well wrapped piece made the 5 day trip home in the back of our truck without a crack.