My Elm pendant

100_8170My good friend Bonnie Sitter also known as ‘tree hugger’ has been the leading force in saving some beautiful elms in our area. We are all so indebted to her dedication and determination. One of her favourite saves is the elm known as the grand old lady on Hwy 4. It is fondly called ‘My elm’ by almost everyone. So I decided to make her a glass pendant of her special tree….and the rest is history. Together we started making more pendants – her beautiful photographs on my glass tiles. These pendants which show a variety of seasons and times of day are now far and wide with $2 from each sale going to Trees Ontario to plant more trees. They are available at the South Huron Welcome Center/Artaroundtown gallery in Exeter. And while you are at the gallery be sure to see more of Bonnie’s beautiful photographs as prints and on cards. Check <Bullet News.